The Under2 Zero Emission Vehicle Project

The Under2 Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Project supports state and regional governments to increase the number of zero emission vehicles on their roads.

The project offers participants the opportunity to network with other subnational leaders, share experience and identify innovative policies to accelerate the uptake of zero emission transport.

Governments in the Under2 Coalition are already making ambitious commitments to ZEVs ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in California in September 2018. This project will give them the platform to drive these commitments forward, as well as support the wider ZEV commitment being made by cities, states and regions and business ahead of summit.

The project complements EV100, a global campaign led by The Climate Group, which brings together forward-looking companies committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and making electric transport the new normal by 2030. It will also work closely with the ZEV Alliance, a network of 14 national and sub-national governments collaborating to increase global ZEV adoption.

The Under2 ZEV Project will be implemented by The Climate Group, as part of the Under2 Coalition, with the support of the Scottish Government.

During the project, participants will engage in regular online meetings to discuss around a series of topics and corresponding policy actions they can take:

Supporting ZEV adoption by businesses

  • Provide financial incentives for vehicle purchases
  • Provide technical and communications support to businesses installing workplace charging  
  • Support businesses installing fleet charging hubs

Enabling the installation of charging infrastructure

  • Install public charging on commuter lots or highways
  • Revise building codes to removing barriers to charging installations
  • Simplify and streamline charging permitting processes

Turning government fleets electric

  • Set targets for ZEV procurement in government fleets
  • Establish an inter-agency process to encourage ZEV adoption
  • Purchase ZEV buses for public transportation

Raising public awareness

  • Provide the public with basic information on ZEV technologies and purchasing
  • Increase ZEV visibility
  • Host ZEV testing events

Developing a robust ZEVs supply chain

  • Invest in advanced battery research and development
  • Facilitate financing for ZEV-related startups
  • Support clean tech incubators and clusters
  • Set manufacturing requirements for zero-emission vehicles

Future trends for private transportation (ride hailing, ride sharing, autonomous vehicles, etc.) and their impact on ZEV adoption

Here's why you should get involved: 

1. An opportunity to be a ZEV leader

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to design the future of clean transport within states and regions. Being part of the group positions participants as world leaders in ZEV adoption and offers the opportunity to demonstrate that leadership on a global scale.

2. Inspiration from successful policy

Be inspired by the innovative policies that Under2 governments around the world are already taking to accelerate ZEV adoption and use those to deliver success within your jurisdiction.

3. A route to your ZEV commitments and beyond

Many members of the Under2 Coalition are already making ambitious commitments to transition to zero emission transportation. Being part of the Under2 ZEV Project will help keep you on track to deliver these commitments and inspire you to go further.

4. Now is the time to act

The coming decade will be a defining one the global ZEV market. Falling battery prices, increased ZEV commitments from automakers, and growing consumer acceptance may create a turning point in ZEV adoption. This means acting now can keep you ahead of the game.

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