To contact the Secretariat and receive more information about how to join the Under2 Coalition:

Subaskar Sitsabeshan - Head of Global Government Relations

The Climate Group, London - - +44 207 960 2986

For European enquiries:

Virginia Bagnoli - European Government Relations Manager

The Climate Group, London - - +44 (0)20 7960 2970

For North American and Latin American enquiries:

Sarah Duffy - Government Relations Manager, The Americas

The Climate Group, New York - - +1 (646) 233 0550

For Asian enquiries:

Nehmat Kaur - Senior Government Relations Manager, South Asia

The Climate Group, New Delhi, India - - +91 11 4987 4369/ 4987 4368

Media enquiries:

The Climate Group Communications Team

The Climate Group, London - - +44 (0)207 960 2715

*Please be aware that our communications team work between 9am and 5pm GMT, Monday to Friday. If you wish to contact us outside of these times, please contact us on +447912 514 445 and we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible* 

Stay updated on our latest activities by using #Under2Coalition on social media or signing up to our newsletters.

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