Ahead of India INDC, Prime Minister Modi hails “extraordinary" partnership with US on clean energy

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1 October 2015

NEW DELIHI: Days before India submits its national ‘INDC’ climate plan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi returns from his visit to the US, where he addressed the United Nations Sustainable Development (SDG) Summit in New York and pushed forward bilateral opportunities to boost India’s clean tech sector.

Top officials from the US and India gathered in New York for a Global Round Table last week, against the backdrop of a World Trade Organisation summit to coincide with India Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the US.

Building on ground covered during his last visit to US as well as President Barack Obama's visit to India early this year, Prime Minister Modi also spent time with technology and business leaders in California to discuss innovation, the digital economy and renewable energy, and addressed the SDG Summit in New York where the global goals were formally adopted.

As Prime Minister Modi landed back in New Delhi on Tuesday he tweeted about the “several successful outcomes and opportunities” brought by the week-long visit in the US, during which he said he talked with US President Obama about “trade, climate change, energy and defence cooperation”. 

In a press statement Modi said: “President and I share an uncompromising commitment on climate change, without affecting our ability to meet the development aspirations of humanity. We have both set ambitious national agendas. In India, our measures include not just a plan to add 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022, but a development strategy that will enable us to transition to a more sustainable energy mix. […]

“Our extraordinary bilateral partnership in the energy sector focuses on clean and renewable energy and energy efficiency. I also thank President Obama for his positive response to my call for a global public partnership for developing affordable clean energy sources that will enable faster adoption of clean energy across the world. […]

“We look forward to comprehensive and concrete outcome in Paris with a positive agenda on combating climate change, which also focuses on access to finance and technology for the developing world, especially the poor countries and small island states.”

With India's INDC for Paris due to be submitted tomorrow, the country is set to build on its already strong progress in developing its clean energy sector.

Speaking exclusively to The Climate Group for our digital channel Climate TV ahead of India’s INDC submission, Prakash Javadekar, India’s Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change said the country’s economic development strategy was firmly tied to efforts to be a low carbon leader. “We have an advantage: we are a developing country, not fully developed. And therefore, on many technologies we can leapfrog.”

Minister Javadekar is confident about India’s impact on the international climate negotiations: “I am very hopeful that 70 days from now, the world will enter in a new regime on climate. A regime where every country will take actions, and every action will be welcomed. It should be welcomed. We have decided to go on a green path. Let us welcome all who are going [on it], let us celebrate. And then, there will be no backsliding, there will be a progress. I am very sure that Paris will be a success.”

by Samiksha Goel




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