Governor Brown Welcomes Norway to Under2 Climate Coalition

2 August 2017

SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today welcomed Norway to the Under2 Coalition – the global pact of cities, states and countries committed to limiting the increase in global average temperature to below 2 degrees Celsius, the level of potentially catastrophic consequences.

“In the face of irreversible climate change, the world’s cities, states and countries must decarbonize and get on a sustainable path,” said Governor Brown. “California is proud to partner with Norway in this fight.”

The agreement was signed during a meeting between Governor Brown and Minister Vidar Helgesen, Norway’s Minister of Climate and the Environment. A number of representatives from California and Norway joined the meeting, including Ambassador of Norway to the United States Kåre R. Aas, Consul General Hilde Janne Skorpen and California Environmental Protection Agency Secretary Matt Rodriquez.

“I am very grateful for Governor Brown’s leadership on climate change over the last decades. Norway and California are both dedicated to the low-emission future we need. The Governor’s decision to host a major climate summit in September 2018 will show the world that the U.S. is making progress regardless of federal policies. Norway is very pleased to join the coalition of forward leaning states and countries in the Under2 Coalition, and is prepared to contribute financially and otherwise to the implementation of this important initiative,” said Minister Helgesen.

With the addition of Norway’s endorsement, the Under2 Coalition now includes 177 jurisdictions on six continents that collectively represent more than 1.2 billion people and $28.8 trillion GDP – equivalent to over 16 percent of the global population and 39 percent of the global economy. Norway is the 16th country to endorse the Under2 Coalition.

The Under2 Coalition, the collective of governments who have signed or endorsed the Under2 MOU, was formed in 2015 by the states of California and Baden-Württemberg, Germany to mobilize and galvanize bold climate action from like-minded city, state and regional governments around the globe. Coalition members pledge to limit greenhouse gas emissions to 2 tons per capita or 80-95 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.

Originally published by the California Governor’s Office

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