New Compact of States and Regions launches emissions reporting for sub-national governments

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4 December 2014

Signing ceremony on Tuesday, December 9 at 1pm in Lima, Peru

Leading sub-national governments from around the world are stepping up their efforts to address climate change by joining a new Compact of States and Regions. As signatories to the Compact, they will commit to providing an annual account of their greenhouse gas emission targets and reporting progress towards these targets.

The Compact will be formally signed on December 9, 2014, on the sidelines of the UNFCCC conference in Lima, Peru, by leaders of more than a dozen states and regions which together represent 142 million people and almost 5% of global GDP. The first signatories of the Compact accounted, in 2008, for over a billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, the equivalent of the emissions of Canada and the UK combined.

Sub-national governments have a huge and often overlooked potential to drive climate action. Many of them have authority over key aspects of climate policy, including energy, transportation and the built environment. As such, state and regional climate strategies have a critical role to play to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate. The Compact of States and Regions will help unlock this potential by providing, for the first time, a clear and transparent global picture of their contribution to global efforts to transition to a low carbon world.

The Compact of States and Regions is led by three of the most influential state and regional government coalitions, The Climate Group States & Regionsnrg4SD, and R20, in partnership with CDP, pioneer of the only global environmental disclosure platform. It was part of the commitments announced at the UN Climate Summit in September in New York. 

Glen Murray, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change of Ontario, a member of The Climate Group States & Regions, said:

Decisive and collective action on climate change is needed now more than ever, and Ontario is helping lead the move towards a low-carbon, high-productivity economy. Our elimination of coal-fired power was the equivalent of taking 7 million vehicles off the road, and joining the Compact of States and Regions builds on the commitment and leadership shown by sub-nationals towards creating a lasting legacy of a clean, livable and healthy planet for future generations.”

The first signatories of the Compact of States and Regions include the Basque Country (Spain), British Columbia (Canada), Catalonia (Spain), Jalisco (Mexico), KwaZulu Natal (South Africa), Lombardy (Italy), Manitoba (Canada), North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), Ontario (Canada), Québec (Canada), Rhône Alpes (France), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Scotland (UK), South Australia (Australia), Tasmania (Australia) and Wales (UK).

The signing of the Compact of States and Regions will be an opportunity to present the results of a new pilot program on emissions reporting and climate change action at the sub-national level, led by CDP and The Climate Group. For the first time, twelve state and regional governments from across the world have reported their carbon emissions, climate targets, actions and achievements via CDP’s standardized environmental reporting platform, which is already used to measure, manage and reduce climate impacts by hundreds of cities and thousands of companies worldwide. This pilot paves the way for a deeper understanding of states and regions climate leadership, better management of sub-national emissions reductions efforts and better accountability of climate targets and efforts by states and regions to meet them. It will be developed into a full program in 2015 to support the Compact.

The Climate Group States & Regions will also hold a side-event on the economic case for climate action at the sub-national level at COP20 on Wednesday 10 December, in collaboration with nrg4SD and the University of Leeds, where Ministers from across the network will provide evidence on why climate action is bringing economic benefits to their regions.

The Climate Group at COP20

The Climate Group is also a strategic partner of the Caring for Climate Business Forum hosted by the UN Global Compact, UNEP and UNFCC on December 8-9 at the Jockey Club del Perú, Lima:

  •  “Business responsibly shaping the policy agenda”
    Monday December 8, 2014, 11:00-12:30, Jockey Club del Perú, Lima
    Panel moderated by Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group
  • “The climate has changed in Latin America”
    Monday December 8, 2014, 13:15-14:15, Jockey Club del Perú, Lima
    Panel organised by We Mean Business and moderated by Mark Kenber, The Climate Group.

Media contacts

Mark Kenber, CEO of The Climate Group, Libby Ferguson, The Climate Group States & Regions Director, and members of our network are available for comments in Lima throughout COP20.

To arrange interviews with The Climate Group experts about the international climate negotiations, or the role of business and sub-national governments in tackling climate change, please contact:

Sylvain Biville
International Head of Media, The Climate Group
T: +44 7792 656 093 -

Beth Woodthorpe-Evans
Media Officer, The Climate Group
T: +44 7912 514 445 -

Read this press release on The Climate Group’s website:

About The Climate Group

The Climate Group is an award-winning, international non-profit. Our goal is a prosperous, low carbon future. We believe this will be achieved through a ‘clean revolution’: the rapid scale-up of low carbon energy and technology. We work with corporate and government partners to develop climate finance mechanisms, business models which promote innovation, and supportive policy frameworks. We convene leaders, share hard evidence of successful low carbon growth, and pilot practical solutions which can be replicated worldwide.

Since 2009, The Climate Group has been the convenor of Climate Week NYC, an annual international platform for governments, businesses and civil society to collaborate on bold climate action and low carbon leadership. In September 2014, Climate Week NYC hosted 150 events as the collaborative space in support of the UN Climate Summit.

The Climate Group has offices in Greater China, North America, India and Europe. 2014 is The Climate Group’s 10th Anniversary.

About The Climate Group States & Regions

Founded in 2005, The Climate Group States & Regions is an alliance of 27 state & regional government members and 41 regional government affiliates. Together, members govern 313 million people, represent 11% of global GDP and approximately 2 Gigatons of GHG emissions. They are leaders on climate policy in their respective regions. Our recent report, “Age of Experiments”, shows how state and regional governments around the world are moving forward to develop a new generation of innovative climate and energy policies that will shape the future climate policy landscape.

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