New draft text presented at COP21: UNFCCC's Nick Nuttall responds live

9 December 2015

Nick Nuttall, Head of Communications and Outreach and Spokesperson for the UNFCCC

PARIS: Two hours ago the draft text from the COP21 negotiators was posted on the UNFCCC’s website. The Climate Group’s Climate TV spoke live to Nick Nuttall, Head of Communications and Outreach and Spokesperson for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, who says negotiators will be working through the night to "narrow the differences" inside the new draft text.

Speaking from the centre of the COP21 conference in Paris, Nick Nuttall welcomed recent progress from the negotiators. “Today we’re a couple of days away from the end of COP21 and as you know there’s a new text and they will be working late through the night to narrow those differences.

“Things are going slowly but surely to what must be an inevitable conclusion to everyone on this planet, which is a new universal climate agreement by Friday; something which will set the stage for developing a climate friendly world, a more secure world and one that will fundamentally support the sustainable development agenda for billions of people.”

The new ‘clean’ text now has many of the complex ‘options’ removed, creating a simpler 29-page document, which will be presented by the French presidency for the first time.

Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group says a robust climate deal should not be seen as a cost, but as an investment, that will "unlock trillions for the low carbon economy". Speaking at a press conference today following the publishing of the text, he said: "When we look at the draft text we see that a successful Paris outcome is in our grasp - we must leave nothing behind."

In the Climate TV interview, Nick Nuttall also nodded to the impressive actions of non-state actors, such as cities, provinces, states, regions, financiers and the private sector, which have been showcased throughout COP via themed days hosted by the Lima to Paris Action Agenda (LPAA). “All non-state actors have been moving very rapidly in the last 18 months or so.

"Every day [of the LPAA] has been rich with many announcements, some building on the Secretary-General’s Climate Summit of 2014, others brand new such as the geothermal electric initiative, or the number of green bonds coming forward which are way above what many people expected. And in companies themselves it is the CEOs themselves that are here.”

Explaining what the new text sets out to achieve, Nick Nuttall says: “This transition to a low carbon word,  maybe one day a zero carbon world by the end of the century, is now irreversible and the Paris agreement can give it that greater impulse, catalyzation and urgency.

“The world is moving in a way nobody has ever seen before. We really do feel like we are at a turning point as so many non-state actors are aligning themselves with government policies. And we have all these climate plans from nations, so called INDCs.

"Everything is aligning in a very fascinating way from all sectors of society and we really do think this is the beginning of a new dawn of action – and a new dawn of sustainable development.”

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Text by Clare Saxon Ghauri, video by Ilario D'Amato

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