Over 100 companies, states, regions and cities have made ambitious climate commitments

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5 June 2015

NEW YORK: Research released today by CDP and The Climate Group shows that over 100 major companies, states, regions and cities around the world have set ambitious GHG emissions reduction targets and renewable power goals - in some cases reaching up to 100%. 

According to information reported in 2014-15, at least 40 companies, 13 states and regions, and 74 cities have committed to reducing their GHG emissions by 80-100%, or procuring 100% of their power from renewable sources. 

As nations work to close the “emissions gap” between current national contributions and those needed to limit global warming to 2°C, these commitments show that ambitious GHG emissions reduction targets are within reach. 

Companies are acting because they understand that creating a low carbon strategy is good for their bottom-line. And sub-national governments recognize that climate policy creates communities that are healthier, more competitive and more resilient. 

They are not alone. Through initiatives such as We Mean Business, RE100, the Compact of States and Regions, the Compact of Mayors, the Under 2 MOU, the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance, and the World Bank’s Pricing Carbon statement, thousands of companies and sub-national governments have answered the call to take action on climate change. 

Amy Davidsen, Executive Director of The Climate Group North America said: “Increased reporting by companies, states and regions, and cities to organizations like CDP and initiatives like the Compact of States and Regions and the Compact of Mayors reveals that climate ambition among so-called 'non-state' actors is often very high, and in many cases higher than that of their respective nations.”  

Paul Simpson, Chief Executive Officer of CDP said: “The surge of ambition and action that we are now seeing across economies is no more than a smart and savvy move. Ambitious climate commitments, forward-looking strategies and long term policies will enable the world to scale up solutions to climate change. 

In addition to showing the way forward for national governments, these efforts signal that a GHG emissions reduction goal adopted within a new international climate agreement – one that is ambitious and long-term – would be supported by bold action already underway at the corporate and sub-national level. 

Download the research for more information on the targets highlighted. An even wider range of commitments from non-state actors can be found on the United Nation’s NAZCA portal.

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