Regions Take Action: The Benefits of Major Climate Policies

1 October 2020

We've partnered with Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) to release a handbook detailing five transformative actions state and regional governments can take to limit the effects of climate change while bringing other beneficial impacts to society.

Clean electricity: Renewables are cost-effective investments and clean electricity is fundamental to a carbon-free society.

Carbon-free buildings: Construct and upgrade our buildings to be all-electric and efficient, which will also create healthier, comfortable places to live and work.

Healthy transportation: By creating better mobility options and electrifying vehicles, air pollution can be reduced while giving people more choices for transportation.

Innovative industry: With a clean energy supply, industry can move to electric power while also creating solutions to drive a clean energy economy.

Sustainable land use: Preserve and enhance the natural resources that create beautiful places, economic opportunities and essential carbon sinks.

Below, you can download the full guide or choose the section most relevant to your work. 

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