Santa Fe launches solar-powered buses

Reading time: 2 minutes
17 May 2019

Santa Fe has implemented a new Bio Bus initiative to use renewable sources to power urban transport.

The project includes electric buses powered by solar energy, and biodiesel and hybrid buses. It aims to demonstrate that public investment in innovative technology, coupled with large scale procurement, can significantly improve the delivery of public services and contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

The Bio Bus project uses 100% solar electricity to power two bus lines in Rosario, with electricity generated in nearby San Lorenzo. By using solar energy to power urban passenger transport, the Bio Bus program achieves zero emissions. It is contributing to the fight against climate change and at the same time improving citizens’ health by avoiding emissions of particulate matter.

To find out more, read the full case study below. This case study is part of a series from our Policy Action work, which aims to accelerate the pace of climate policy development and adoption in states and regions. To see more innovative climate policies from around the world, check out our Under2 Policy Action Map.

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