A Socio-Environmental Recovery Program for São Paulo’s Serra Do Mar and the Atlantic Forest

4 April 2018

Sprawling urbanization and industrial development from São Paulo has led to the emergence of informal settlements in landslide-prone areas as well as the degradation of forest and water resources Serra do Mar State Park. This is in addition to the two million inhabitants that live in the coastal area with insufficient access to sanitation, where their wastewater is already deteriorating the region’s surface water quality.

Aiming to relocate vulnerable families exposed to landslide risk and restore and consolidate forest habitat and drinking water resources, the state government and partners launched the Recovery Program in early 2008, which is expected to conclude at the end of 2018. 

The case study is part of a series from our Policy Action work, which aims to accelerate the pace of climate policy development and adoption at the state and regional level. See more case studies in our interactive map.

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