States & Regions Annual Report 2016

Reading time: 5 minutes
9 February 2017

2016 epitomized the changing fortunes that have come to define global climate debates. Far from being a year in which the world eased back on climate action following the historic COP21 conference in Paris, there was an emphasis on harnessing momentum and raising climate ambition globally, with the Paris Agreement entering into force in November.

Additionally, the recent political and economic challenges that we have witnessed around the world, have projected the role of state and regional governments further up the international climate agenda.

The Climate Group has been working closely with sub-national governments for over a decade. Through our innovative and unique programs, we bring together states, provinces and regions with some of the most ambitious climate targets in the world, to develop a new generation of climate and energy policies, and to drive climate leadership on a global scale.

2016 proved to be a truly landmark year for States & Regions. A growing level of commitment and ambition was evident across the States & Regions Alliance, which continues to demonstrate both the necessity and the economic opportunity of a swifter low carbon transition.

In this annual report, we reflect on some of our collective achievements from last year, and we look forward to continued work towards building a prosperous, low carbon future for all.

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