UN launches data platform revealing who is acting on climate around the world

Clare Saxon Ghauri
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11 December 2014

LIMA: Today at the global climate talks in Lima, Peru, the UNFCCC launched a comprehensive new data platform which showcases the ambitious climate action happening across the world from sub-national governments and businesses, in a bid to spur momentum toward COP21 in Paris next year.

UNFCCC says the tool will help amplify the scale of climate ambition from ‘non-state actors’ - a term which includes cities, companies and regions – ahead of COP21, where a universal climate deal is expected to be agreed.

The online portal was launched by Manuel Pulgar Vidal, President of COP20 and Environment Minister of Peru at an event during COP20, who said he believed it will trigger confidence and ambition for global climate action: “We are very pleased to be contributing this way of showcasing the impressive scale of action by cities, regions, companies and others in a way that will provide additional momentum and urgency into the process through to COP 21. Much of the ambition featured here will provide inspiration for what can be achieved which is why we have named it Nazca.

"The Nazca lines symbolize the creativity and the vision over 190 countries will need to finalize a strong 2015 agreement. These ancient lines hold significance for the peoples of this region.  but also the peoples of the world as we look to the past to inform the present and inspire a new and better future for humanity."

Known as Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Change (NAZCA), the platform features almost 1,000 strategic ‘actions’ on adaptation and mitigation from 319 cities, 69 sub-national regions and 261 companies, according to the website. 

A large part of the data on sub-national governments comes from The Climate Group’s States & Regions.

Libby Ferguson, States & Regions Director, The Climate Group, commented: “This platform, created by the UNFCCC, shines a light on the significant action already taken by states, regions, cities and companies. Looking at what is happening in states, regions, cities and companies allows us all to better understand what is possible - and that ambitious climate action is happening now. The Climate Group was pleased to work with the UNFCCC to contribute to this important effort.”

Actions launched on the site include individual commitments disclosed through CDP, Carbon Climate Registry, The Climate Group and other sustainability reports, such as those launched at the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit in New York, which took place during Climate Week NYC last September.

As COP 20 runs into his final few days, national governments are frantically negotiating a framework for the new deal. Boasting such a large number of actions, the platform is designed to give governments the confidence they need to progress this week toward signing an effective agreement, a year from now in Paris.

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, said: “The Nazca Climate Action portal is a great move forward in showcasing climate action and we congratulate the Peruvian Presidency in taking this step.

"The insight hosted here will provide inspiration for what can be done but it is not designed to be an exhaustive list of everything that is happening on climate change by non-state actors. More insight will be added throughout 2015 in the lead up to COP 21 as the momentum for an agreement in Paris builds throughout the year”

Visit the new platform climateaction.unfccc.int

Want to learn more about COP? Over the next week we are releasing pre and post-COP briefings as well as producing COP20 coverage in our news and blogs and on Twitter. Our States & Regions events in Lima can be tracked on hashtag #statesandregions.

And in case you missed it, here's a brief background to the COP20 in Lima and our infographic showing the history of the COP negotiations.


By Clare Saxon

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