UN NAZCA portal showcases climate action around the world

Ilario D'Amato
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9 May 2016

LONDON: More than 50 new climate actions from businesses, sub-national governments and investors have been posted on the United Nations’ ‘NAZCA’ portal since the historic Paris Agreement was struck last December, providing evidence of the increasing efforts underway from ‘non-state actors’ to curb global temperature rise.

Launched at the global climate talks in Lima, Peru in December 2014, the NAZCA portal is a comprehensive and transparent data platform that showcases climate actions from non-state actors such as sub-national governments and businesses, that is happening across the world.

The platform played a crucial role in spurring momentum toward success at the global COP21 talks in Paris, because the amount of individual initiatives reported to the portal helped give political leaders the confidence to close an ambitious climate deal.

“Since business, state and regional leaders played a transformational role in COP21’s historic success last year, they have continued to lead the way with ambitious climate action around the world,” Mark Kenber, CEO at The Climate Group, commented.

“This year, we’ve seen corporates from India to North America join RE100 and commit to going 100% renewable across their operations, to highly industrialized state and regional economies accelerating the implementation of innovative clean energy policies.”

“The UNFCCC’s campaign will undoubtedly ensure non-state actors continue to make such bold commitments – all of which are crucial in not only delivering the Paris Agreement, but also supporting pre-2020 climate mitigation efforts.”


To date, the NAZCA portal contains more than 11,600 commitments from 2,365 cities and 167 regions, from 2,090 companies, 448 investors and 236 CSOs.

Such impressive numbers highlight the fundamental importance of climate collaboration, which creates a framework where sharing best practices and competing in a transparent way can deliver the boldest climate targets.

Companies and investors in particular are recognizing the economic opportunities available in leading the shift toward a low carbon economy.

Nigel Topping, CEO, We Mean Business, of which The Climate Group is a founding partner, said: “The We Mean Business coalition is dedicated to demonstrating how businesses and investors are making significant commitments towards climate action.”

“We will continue to mobilize our partners to make many more commitments that can be captured on the NAZCA portal as we head towards the UN Climate Change Conference in Morocco in November, including from the Global South.”

Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile manufacturer, recently joined RE100, The Climate Group’s campaign – and an action of We Mean Business – to help companies go 100% renewable. The company has reported to the NAZCA portal its commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2020 while procuring all of its electricity from renewable sources.

Such commitments show how climate action is still accelerating after the Paris Agreement was formed – a treaty which is crucial to deliver on in order to keep global temperature rise below 2 degree Celsius and reach zero emissions by 2050.

Non-state actors will further demonstrate their critical role in global climate action efforts on June 28-29 in London at the Business & Climate Summit, where leading companies, sub-national governments and investors will work together to demonstrate how green business is good for the environment and the economy – and that 2016 can and must be the turning point to scale up such solutions.

by Ilario D'Amato

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