2050 Pathways

The Under2 Coalition helps signatories on the path towards net-zero emissions.

The 2050 Pathways workstream supports governments to plan an achievable path towards net-zero emissions. As part of this work, we provide direct technical support and resources to help governments complete ‘2050 Pathways’ analyses.

A 2050 Pathways process starts with a government’s long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goal, and then works backwards to identify the technologies, infrastructure and investments that will be required to achieve it, as well as the costs, risks and trade-offs associated with different policy approaches.

When conducted alongside government agencies, the process helps policymakers by identifying intermediate targets that must be achieved, potential “forks in the road” (mutually exclusive technology options), and emissions “dead ends” (short-term solutions that make it impossible to achieve long-term goals).

The Under2 Coalition has developed exclusive resources for its signatories, including an ‘Introduction to 2050 Pathways’ webinar series which shares the experiences of Under2 signatories that have completed a 2050 Pathways analysis, and a 2050 Pathways Registry and Resources webpage.

2050 Pathways

For more information, please contact:
Jean-Charles Seghers, Head of Transparency and Pathways, The Climate Group
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