Future Fund

Supporting emerging economy regions

Empowering developing and emerging economy regions to accelerate climate action.

The Future Fund empowers subnational governments to accelerate the shift towards a world of under 2°C of warming, through strategic funding that supports climate activities in developing and emerging economy regions.

The role of developing and emerging economy regions is fundamental to make a difference to the world’s climate system. Not only can these regions contribute to a decarbonized world, but implementing mitigation measures can carry significant and much-needed health and socioeconomic benefits to local populations.

However, these regions have traditionally struggled to find resources to join international climate networks, participate in meetings, develop mitigation capacities or share lessons learned due to various resource constraints.

The Future Fund was launched at COP22 in Marrakech, with founding contributions from the governments of Alberta, Ontario, Québec, Scotland, South Australia and Wales, to support these regions to play their part in the response to climate change. 

    In 2018, the second Future Fund Progress Report was published, it showcases how eight state and regional governments from developing countries were supported to strengthen their response to climate change. It also sets out how strategic support enabled the state of West Bengal in India to update its climate change strategy for the first time in eight years and the state of Yucatán in Mexico to develop a plan to reduce emissions from government buildings. In 2018, following requests from Under2 Coalition governments, we also facilitated secondment opportunities for staff from emerging economy regions to developed economy regions.

    Finally, the fund also supported 21 state and regional governments to attend the Under2 Coalition General Assembly and the Global Climate Action Summit in September 2018. 

    The Future Fund is overseen by an Advisory Board which includes representatives from the governments of Jalisco, Québec, Scotland and Wales. The Advisory Board met twice this year to advise on strategic priorities, oversee the allocation of funds and steer the decision-making processes of the Future Fund. The three strategic priorities that we set, and indicative funding allocations, for 2018 were:

    1. Capacity building and knowledge exchange (50%) – to provide support to developing and emerging economy regions to develop 2050 pathways, innovative policy solutions and capacity to develop robust inventories through direct funding to selected regions and facilitation of peer learning on topics relevant to developing regions.  
    2. Expanding the network and active engagement (30%) – recruitment and active engagement with governments from developing and emerging economy regions to commit to the Under2 Coalition’s goals and participate in the Under2 Coalition’s programs and events.  
    3. Management and scaling of the Future Fund (20%) – to oversee the allocation of funding, prepare contracts, organize management, governance of the Advisory Board, input into scaling the Fund in subsequent years and publish summary reports.

    Applications will open in Spring 2019 – watch this space.

    Future Fund

    For more information or to donate, please contact:
    Subaskar Sitsabeshan, Head of Global Government Relations, The Climate Group
    +44 (0)207 960 2986
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