City officials and business experts share their views in Smart City Dynamics

9 December 2011

LONDON: Experts from Europe's leading cities, businesses and organizations share their views on how to transfer to cleaner, more livable cities, in a series of interviews published in the new publication Smart City Dynamics.

The publication, an initiative of HVB Communication in Amsterdam, collates sustainable strategy best practices from business professionals, city officials, professors and Smart City managers. 

Focusing on energy savings and climate change, common adoption challenges steer the structure of Smart City Dynamics, and include:

  • engaging the 'right' stakeholders
  • the relevance of road maps
  • creating synergy between sectors
  • the role of ICT
  • behavioral changes
  • taking the first steps. 

The inspiring and varying interviews included in the publication come from experts at Cisco, the European Commission, IBM, London, The Hague, Valencia, Vienna and more, as well as from our own Head of Smart Technologies, Molly Webb

When asked who should take the role in the transition to a Smart City, Molly said: “The private sector has a huge role to play, but a company’s vision doesn’t necessarily translate into what a city wants. We need the city’s leader, whether this is the mayor or a Smart City manager, to have that vision and to create partnerships with the private sector.”

Then on the expectations of a future Smart City, Molly replied: “Smart City that encourages new industries such as data analytics or telecommunications will also generate job growth in these and related industries.” 

The Clean Revolution is starting to happen – with increasing investment in clean energy, for instance. We might be surprised to find that if we apply the connectivity benefits for the telecommunications and IT revolution as well, we can transform our lives for the better even beyond our expectations.” Molly added.

In his interview, Bas Boorsma, Head of the Work Life Innovations Program, Cisco, mentioned the opportunity of the emerging ecosystem: "If cities want to respond flexibility to economic and technological changes in the coming years, everyone will have to change tack: the government, the business sector and citizens. Involving the latter group presents the greatest challenge. But the mindset is there. The time is ripe." 

Commenting on the benefits of shared best practice in the publication’s foreword, Heidy van Beurden, Author, Smart City Dynamics concludes with: “The lessons learnt from all around Europe will certainly inspire anyone who has started out on the road to Smart Cities or is about to begin the journey.”

More about Smart City Dynamics 

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