Climate Smart Precincts report presented to Premier of South Australia

14 June 2011

MELBOURNE: On June 6, 2011, Caroline Bayliss, Australia Director, The Climate Group, presented the Climate Smart Precincts Adelaide Workshop report to the Premier of South Australia, Mike Rann, with representatives from GE, IBM and Origin Energy in attendance.

The report reveals the results of two workshops facilitated by The Climate Group in February 2011, which were hosted by the South Australian Government’s Land Management Corporation (LMC) and The Department of Trade and Economic Development (DTED), with Arup, Delfin Lend Lease, GE, IBM, Johnson Controls and Origin Energy.

The workshops examined participants’ responses to two real-world sites in Adelaide, Bowden Village and Tonsley Park, as potential districts which are capable of being developed in a cost-effective and low carbon way, otherwise known as Climate Smart Precincts.

Climate Smart Precincts make it easier to make sustainable choices that are consistent with quality of life, and offer a more cost-effective development option that is inspiring for technology partners, compelling to forward-thinking business tenants, and attractive to Australian and international investors.   

The results show participants’ views that that both Bowden Village and Tonsley Park could readily be branded as Climate Smart Precincts, and that South Australia can lead the way, both nationally and internationally, in developing the initiative.

The report also highlights Tonsley Park in particular, as a possible flagship for sustainable mixed-use urban development, due to its size, existing features and early stage of development.

Premier Mike Rann welcomed the report and expressed his intention that it will inform future decision-making around the planning and development of Tonsley Park.  

The representatives from GE, IBM and Origin Energy conveyed the huge opportunity presented - in particular by Tonsley Park - to become a world-class center for sustainable design innovation, with potential for replication in residential, commercial and industrial developments throughout Australia and internationally.

This report is the latest development in the Climate Smart Precincts Initiative, a coalition of leading businesses and governments working with flagship urban precincts to test the policies, technologies and new business models for integrated urban growth and low carbon redesign.

In July 2010 Climate Smart Precincts Initiative developed the Opportunities Report for First Ministers, which produced a set of priorities for public/private sector collaboration and draft Principles for Climate Smart Precincts.  

South Australia is the first State Government to present real-world flagship projects for discussion by members of the Climate Smart Precincts Initiative.  

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