Europe's leading energy region North Rhine-Westphalia joins The Climate Group

21 November 2009

The German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is the latest European member to join The Climate Group. NRW's Minister Christa Thoben and Environment Minister Eckhard Uhlenbergn joined Climate Group COO Jim Walker to sign The Climate Group's Member Principles in Duesseldorf on Tuesday.

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is a leading industrial center of Germany and ranks among Europe's largest energy producers; as such, the region's emissions exceed those of many countries.  But the government of NRW has shown that it is committed to lead in the new low carbon economy.

Since early 2007, NRW has played a key role in The Climate Group's international network of state and regional climate leaders.

Leading by example, the region's climate commitments include ambitious increases in energy efficiencies and renewable across its economy. The government has also pledged to support and foster the development and international transfer of new clean technologies, such as electric vehicles. The government recently announced its aim to be a model region for "electromobility", by putting over 250,000 electric vehicles in use by 2020.

As a member of The Climate Group, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) will work with The Climate Group's network of world-leading business and governments to continue progressing and scaling up EVs and other low carbon technologies. 

"The world's regional governments play a crucial role in the implementation of ambitious climate protection targets. We therefore look forward to work with The Climate Group and its partner regions that are actively involved in climate change solutions and with whom we can engage in a constructive dialogue," said Minister Thoben.

"We are pleased to cooperate closely with North Rhine-Westphalia, a very important economy and region, particularly in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy and low carbon technologies" said Jim Walker, COO of The Climate Group.

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