Experts agree in Hong Kong: LED technology is proven, primed and ready for upscale

25 April 2012

HONG KONG: On April 24, 2012, we hosted the Seminar on LED Lighting: Performance and Practical Tips on Application, to mark the conclusion of our successful LightSavers program - pilot results of which show LED technology is more than ready for upscale.

The Hong Kong Seminar was attended by over 120 experts from the private and public sectors, including various governmental departments concerning highways, housing and architectural services. Representatives from related corporations including LED suppliers, testing services, industry associations, developers and utilities, also attended.

A major focus of the event was reviewing LightSavers, The Climate Group’s LED outdoor lightingprogram.

Through installing pilot sites in more than ten international cities including Hong Kong, Kolkata, London and New York, LightSavers has proven that compared to traditional street lighting, LED technology performs better, curbs energy costs, minimizes light pollution and makes cities brighter and safer at night. When combined with smart controls, low carbon LED lighting can also cut energy use and carbon emissions by 50% to 70%.

Despite these benefits, LED lighting is still not widely deployed. This is due to a lack of awareness, availability, accessibility, affordability and acceptance of the technology; all matters that the Seminar addressed.

Margaret Lo, Senior Program Development Manager Hong Kong, The Climate Group, opened the event by spotlighting these issues that most concern users such as performance comparisons and financing, after sharing key milestones of the global LightSavers program.

C K Lam, Technical Manager, Luminaires, Commercial & Electric of Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd., then lectured the crowds on the more technical aspects of LED lighting standards and procurement guidelines. During the discussion panel that followed, Raymond Chiu, Secretary General of Hong Kong Solid State Lighting Industry Consortium steered discussion to trends and developments in Hong Kong’s LED industry and markets.

K L Lam, Associate Director, Facilities Management Office of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Amen Tong, Senior Manager, Electrical & Mechanical, Technical Services of Airport Authority Hong Kong - both pilot sites of the LightSavers program - shared their first-hand experiences of large-scale LED applications. Amen Tong revealed that the Airport has installed 25,000 units of LED fixtures, while another 20,000 units are on the way. This was a clear signal to the gathered crowd that LED technology is ready for wider scale-up.

Kalmond Ma, Deputy Director, Strategic Partnership Greater China, The Climate Group: “Over the past few years, our LED program has formed an effective platform for a group of highly relevant industry leaders to discuss the technical, policy and financial issues around LED technology adoption in Hong Kong and beyond. This Seminar may mark the conclusion of our LightSavers Hong Kong program, but it is a green light to Hong Kong’s lighting industry. Feedback from participants was very encouraging, and the pilots showcased today act as clear signals that LED technology is proven, primed and ready for upscale.”

Download presentation slides:

LightSavers Program and Global Pilot Test Results

LED Lighting Standards and Procurement Guidelines

Financing Options and Tools for Assessing Financial Feasibility

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