Haldia plans for upscale after successful LED installation

3 April 2012

NEW DELHI: Haldia in West Bengal, India, has completed a LED street lighting pilot as part of The Climate Group’s LightSavers project, which is so successful that the city now plans to upscale the energy efficient lighting.

Haldia is the second Indian city after Kolkata to complete one of The Climate Group’s global LightSavers LED street lighting pilots.

Due to the success of the pilot, Haldia Development Authority (HDA) now plans to install more of the energy efficient lights across the port city.

A total of 404 LED streetlights will be installed across the National Highway-41 from Ranichak to Haldia in West Bengal, a road which currently does not have any streetlights. 

The completed project and announcement of the second phase of installments that it has inspired, is testimony to the success of The Climate Group’s India LED pilots. It also highlights Haldia’s leadership in installing LED streetlights to an area that has never seen streetlights of any kind before. 

In the project’s tender documents, HDA mentions that it will carry out monthly monitoring of lux levels – the level of luminance emitted - of the LEDs, for the first two years from their date of their installation.

HDA’s initial step for the project was to fit 290 LED street light installations on the busy HPL link, which was also lacking in any kind of streetlights. Post installation, performance was found to be satisfactory enough for the Authority to further invest in the low carbon technology.

Aditi Dass, Director of Programs for India, The Climate Group says: “Haldia’s announcement to go for another set of installations is a very encouraging development. In Kolkata and Thane, the installations are retrofitting of existing lights, but in Haldia, the case is different. Haldia’s situation is even more interesting because the city is slowly indentifying LEDs as the key technology for lighting up their dark roads efficiently. This marks another strong example of the Clean Revolution that The Climate Group is triggering worldwide.”


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