Ile-de-France, including Paris metropolitan region, joins The Climate Group

16 October 2009

The region of Ile-de-France, which contains the Paris metropolitan area, has signed on to the The Climate Group as its first full French-European member.

Jean Paul Huchon, President of Ile-de-France, officially signed The Climate Group's principles earlier this week.

The regional council aims to turn Ile-de-France into Europe's leading "eco-region". The region is joining the likes of California, Quebec, and Catalonia, whose economies are globally significant in their own right and who are leading on climate change.

States and regions are already advancing practical policy development on climate change through the exchange of knowledge and technology - and serving as a compelling model for their national counterparts.

Climate-friendly transport policies are just one area where the Paris region is taking a lead. Plans include the deployment a fleet of 2,000 electric cars that customers can pick up and drop off throughout the city of Paris. Another 2,000 vehicles will be offered in two dozen surrounding cities. The green scheme, dubbed Autolib (short for "automobile" and "liberté"), will be launched as early as the end of 2010, aims to cut {Co2} emissions by 22,000 tons a year while improving traffic congestion.

Ile-de-France began working with The Climate Group earlier this year, when it signed up to the Montreal Declaration - the basis for ou international alliance of States and Regions. The region has been actively supporting efforts to recognize the important role of regions in the global fight against climate change, participating in Climate Week NY°C and at events across Europe in the last months.

Ile-de-France has also signed on to the UNDP's program on direct region-to- region North-South collaboration on climate change. President Huchon has also confirmed that he will attend the Climate Leader's Summit in Copenhagen this December.

Jean Paul Huchon, President of Ile-de-France, says: "Thanks to these agreements signed today with UNDP and The Climate Group, the Ile-de-France region asserts itself as one of the major regions which work in favour of a green economy at European and global levels.

"I hope that cooperation with these networks and intergovernmental agencies engaged in the fight against climate change will continue in the following months."

Luc Bas, Head of Government Relations Europe, The Climate Group says: "We are delighted to welcome Ile-de-France as our first French regional member and look forward to a close collaboration on low carbon development for which the 'Greater Paris region' is already showing a clear lead on climate change solutions."



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