La Reunion joins The Climate Group

20 February 2012

LONDON: Yesterday the French overseas region of La Reunion signed a membership agreement to join The Climate Group as a government partner, at a ceremony held in London.

Didier Robert, President of the Regional Council of La Reunion, accompanied by Alin Guezello, Member of the Regional Council in charge of energy and president of La Reunion’s Regional Energy Agency, signed The Climate Group’s principles at The Climate Group’s offices in London.

Luc Bas, Director of European Programmes and International States and Regions, and Mark Kenber, CEO, attended from The Climate Group.

As a partner, La Reunion will work with The Climate Group to continue its pioneering work to obtain its ambitious sustainable development goals, integrate low carbon innovation into society and reach clean energy autonomy by 2030, and is eager to share its experience with the The Climate Group's States and Regions Alliance.

Owing to its rich natural environment, Reunion Island has a wealth of clean energy resources including solar, marine, wind and biomass, and has large-scale plans to develop a leading ecological tourism sector.

In order to preserve this natural wealth and assure long-term prosperity for its growing population of currently 800,000 inhabitants, La Reunion follows ambitious sustainability goals, and has declared 2012 its Year of Sustainability. 

Since 2007, its GERRI (Green Energy Revolution) project aims to make Reunion Island the first territory in the world where all low carbon innovations are integrated into society by 2030. Such innovations cover transport, tourism, energy production, storage and use, town planning and construction. 

The island also aims to attain energy autonomy by 2030 and strives to reach a mix of 100% clean energy by 2025, constituted by biomass (methanisation of effluents and gasification of the biogas), marine energies, photovoltaics and wind energy.

Didier Robert, President, La Reunion, said: "Every child, every woman, every man has within them a new hope for a better world. Every province, region, company and country is responsible for building the Clean Revolution. La Reunion is a land proud of its multiculturalism, its diversity, its forests, its lagoons, and is proud to take part in this great movement of ecological generosity promoted by The Climate Group"

Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group, said: “La Reunion is a clear example of how low carbon development can be applied to preserve a region’s natural resources and ensure the long-term prosperity of its economy. We are proud to have La Reunion join our global network of leading states and regions and are looking forward to its contribution to our work for building the Clean Revolution at the sub-national level."

Read more about La Reunion's clean energy plans.


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