Mayor Bloomberg says New York is still the greenest, greatest city

17 February 2012

NEW YORK: Mayor Bloomberg highlighted the impressive progress of New York City’s sustainability agenda, PlaNYC, at a KPMG Sustainable Growth Summit held in the city today.

PlaNYC was launched in 2007 as part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s strategy to strengthen the economy, combat climate change and improve life for New Yorkers – as well as the anticipated one million new city residents - through carbon reducing measures.

Mayor Bloomberg delivered the update on PlaNYC’s progress at KPMG International’s Business Perspective on Sustainable Growth: Preparing for Rio+20 conference. He remarked: “When we released PlaNYC, we set an ambitious target of shrinking New York City’s carbon footprint 30% by the year 2030. And today, we’re already almost halfway to that goal. PlaNYC is also a completely business-friendly agenda. It’s about achieving sustainability in a growing New York. Our city’s population is now at an all-time high of 8.4 million people – and I’m happy to report that it’s continuing to climb. Our economy is also expanding rapidly in digital media, fashion, the commercial bio-sciences, and in other industries that we’re confident will continue to grow in the decades ahead. […] We see sustainability and that kind of economic growth as completely compatible with one another.”

The Mayor also highlighted many of PlaNYC’s successful efforts to make New York City greener in the five years since its launch, including:

  • 500,000 new trees have been planted throughout the city and 200 acres added to parks
  • Plans are in place to launch a new bike-sharing system
  • More than 30% of the City’s yellow taxi fleet now use hybrid power
  • The most comprehensive green building laws of any US city are now enacted in NYC
The need for business and government collaboration was also highlighted by Mayor Bloomberg. He concluded his speech with: “It’s also true that the challenges of sustainability can’t be overcome by government acting alone, or by the private sector acting alone. And that’s why to meet our goals we rely on public-private partnerships.”

Amy Davidsen, US Director, The Climate Group attended the event. She said: "The City of New York under Mayor Bloomberg’s leadership has taken extraordinary steps in becoming a global green city model. The Mayor will spread his success and lessons learned to other cities around the country and world, as the Chair of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. The City has served as the host of Climate Week NYCfor three years in a row now, as well as launched public LED projects, and partnered with the private sector to advance solutions on climate change - and it has been our pleasure to support the Mayor and his team in these critical efforts."

Read our Clean Revolution case study on the City of New York, which includes an exclusive interview with Mayor Bloomberg. 

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