Million-Forest and Baidu launch Million-miracle project in Beijing

18 May 2011

BEIJING: On May 15, the Million-Forest program, in partner with Baidu Company, launched Million-miracle project at UCCA 798, Beijing, China, to build on the project's already successful work and continue to support climate impoverished areas.

The theme of the Million-miracle project is "knowledge changes future”, as cities around China will be encouraged to share their environment-protection and climate change ideas online, as well as participate in activities offline in more than 100 cities.

Due to wide support from various institutions and corporations, Million-Forest has already successfully planted more than 1 million sea buckthorn trees in Tongwei, Gansu Province.

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group, Yan Chang, UNEP representative, Peng Chen, Office Director, China Green Foundation, Guang Zhu, Vice President of Marketing, Baidu, and Mi Yang, Love ambassador, participated the kick-off event, initiating the Million-Miracle project.

Changhua Wu introduced The Climate Group and the Million Forest's new project: “Million-Miracle project adopts a new activity form which combines online and offline activities together and takes full advantage of the internet. It’s a tendency in today’s world and inspires us to explore more creative patterns of activity for NGOs.” 

Activities begin in Beijing, and pass through many cities including Shanghai and Guangzhou, finally ending in Lanzhou, where the Million Forest project team will plant sea buckthorn trees. Incentive programs will be introduced during the activities, including the chance to go to Durban, South Africa for Cop 17.

Guang Zhu, Vice President of Baidu, said: "Environmental protection is an idea as well as an action. Million-Forest program aims at fighting against climate poverty. Baidu company is China’s largest internet platform whose brand Baidu Baike is the largest chinese online encyclopedia. Million-miracle project is a perfect combination of our advantages. Baidu will focus on CSR and cooperate with The Climate Group continually.”

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