New South Wales' business guide to low carbon economy

21 November 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA:  The Climate Group CEO Steve Howard met with New South Wales Minster for Climate Change and The Environment John Robertson today to launch a new guide that will help businesses in New South Wales (NSW) adapt to the emerging low-carbon economy. 

Commissioned by the NSW Government, The Business Guide to the Low Carbon Economy: New South Wales was prepared by The Climate Group and Climate Group member ARUP. It provides practical steps for businesses to get on top of measuring and curbing greenhouse gas emissions from their operations. 

The Guide offers useful case studies and information specific to NSW so that business can evaluate their situation and develop appropriate measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while saving money at the same time. The advice and tools offered in the guide will help businesses prioritise different measures and develop the most cost-effective strategy.

Minster Robertson said the guide would be a valuable resource to assist businesses reduce their energy use and costs, improving their efficiency.

"This guide is a practical, user-friendly tool for all NSW businesses. It provides an overview of climate change policies and programs at the NSW and Commonwealth levels and explains how these policies may affect NSW businesses."

Rupert Posner, Australia Director of The Climate Group, said the guide would help businesses unlock the huge opportunities that exist in transitioning to a low carbon economy.

"Those businesses that are leading the way have shown that managing and reducing emissions creates significant other benefits for their operations and consumer appeal," Mr Posner said. 

"By moving early, businesses will ensure that they are well placed to compete in the new low-carbon era."

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