Scotland leads the global clean energy race with plans to beat its own record year

5 January 2012

LONDON: Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing has called for Scotland to accelerate clean energy investment in 2012, aiming to exceed last year’s record breaking achievements and claim Scotland’s climate leadership title.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change recently produced data showing that Scotland had generated 94% of 2010’s complete renewable output in the first three quarters of 2011 alone, with a record £750 million of clean energy investment over the same period. 

Welcoming this great achievement in his New Year message, Fergus Ewing said: "Last week's figures show that 2011 has been a spectacular year for renewable energy in Scotland. I am relentlessly positive for 2012 and firmly believe we will build on 2011's successes to make it an even better year." 

Calling for renewable industries to top this triumph in 2012, he added that future investments in renewable industries would “create jobs and opportunities for all Scotland’s communities” and “reindustrialize Scotland”. He closed his message with: "My new year's resolution is to continue to do everything in my power to further Scotland's reputation as a global green energy powerhouse in 2012."

With plans to deliver 17 gigawatts of renewable projects worth an estimated capital investment of £46 billion, Scotland is on track to pull off Fergus Ewing’s ambitious targets.

Luc Bas, Director of European Programmes and International States and Regions, The Climate Group, said: “The Scottish example clearly illustrates the immense benefits low carbon solutions provide for economic and social prosperity. Minister Ewing’s announcement confirms the Scottish Government commitment to build on its already strong successes and ascertain its leadership on the global clean energy map. The Climate Group is proud to work with ambitious state and regional government leaders such as Scotland, whose continuous push ahead in the global renewables race is setting a clear example to other contenders.”


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