States and Regions Alliance plan for Rio+20

20 March 2012

BRUSSELS: Co-chair of The Climate Group’s States and Regions Alliance, the Government of the Basque Country, hosted an extended Steering Group meeting in its capital Vitoria-Gasteiz, to plans activities towards and beyond the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro this June.

On the morning of February 15, the experts conference entitled Building a Green Economy: Bringing Theory into Practice, was inaugurated by Pilar Unzalu, Regional Minister for the Environment of The Basque CountryBernabé Unda, Regional Minister of Industry of the Basque Country and Luc Bas, Director of European Programs and International States and Regions, The Climate Group

The international attendance included representatives of the Alliance’s European members as well as delegates from Quebec, South Australia, KwaZulu-Natal and Rio State. Further participants, including from Ontario, Manitoba and Quintana Roo, joined via phone and video conference. 

A main focus of the afternoon Steering Group meeting was the preparation of the activities of The Climate Group's States and Regions Alliance from June 17-19, 2012 around the UN Sustainable Development conference in Rio and in the context of The Climate Group’s Clean Revolution Campaign.

The event also featured development of the Alliance’s work plan for 2012, including the launch of a number of working groups, amongst others on electro-mobility, energy efficiency financing, marine technologies and involvement of SMEs in the green economy

During the meeting, the governments of La Reunion and KwaZulu-Natal were welcomed as new members to the Alliance, and the Government of South Australia formally accepted the invitation to co-chair the Alliance alongside the Basque Country and Quebec. The Government of North Rhine Westphalia also officially joined the Steering Group. 

The meeting was accompanied by a side program of best practice exchanges around renewable energy, electro-mobility, smart grids and eco-efficiency. Presentations by the Basque Energy Agency, the Basque Ecodesign Center and its partner companies Gamesa and Shuton were complemented by experiences from Brittany (marine energy development), KwaZulu-Natal (climate policy), North Rhine Westphalia (GHG monitoring) and South Australia (promoting climate action through sectoral agreements). 

The following day, delegates had the opportunity to visit the Mutriku Wave Energy Plant, Iberdrola’s control center and theelectric vehicles car sharing provider IBIL. 

Luc Bas, Director of European Programs and International States and Regions, The Climate Group, said: “This was a fruitful meeting, both for the exchange amongst the regions, and for the planning of our work together. After the adoption of the Alliance’s governance structure last November, this meeting has set the foundation for the launch of a whole range of new activities for our members, to bring together their knowledge and experiences to jointly move the Clean Revolution forward.”

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