The region of Ile-de-France adopts comprehensive Climate Plan

5 July 2011

BRUSSELS: On 24 June, The Climate Group member region Île-de-France, adopted a comprehensive new Climate Strategy and Action Plan, setting out priorities for climate change mitigation as well as adaptation, and is accompanied by a 24-point action plan spanning all areas within the regions’ jurisdiction, helping unlock France's Clean Revolution.

With the new strategy, the French capital region, which is currently deriving 94% of its energy consumption from fossil and nuclear sources, is recognizing the major economic challenge this dependency poses for the region.

Île-de-France President Jean-Paul Huchon, says: “[...] With this plan, none of the actions taken or supported by the region can be implemented any more without taking into account the ecological and social urgency of our current situation. [...] This plan will considerably change the face of Île-de-France over the next 20 years.”

A core element of the strategy is the lead role of the regional government itself in setting precedents and supporting the development of new low carbon markets throughout its own activities.

The government will, for example, spend a total of EUR 500 million over the next ten years, to reduce energy consumption in its high-school buildings by 40% until 2020. The creation of a sustainable public procurement network will help authorities exchange experiences and bundle their purchasing power. 

In transport, the plan focuses on the potential of technologies such as videoconferencing to reduce daily commutes, as well as on more sustainable commercial transport, aiming to double the amount of merchandise transported by waterways by 2020, improving rail freight, and working to significantly reduce emissions in end-customer deliveries. 

A strong emphasis is put on energy efficiency, not the least as a matter of social fairness. A new semi public company, 'société d’économie mixte', will be formed with a budget of EUR 15 million, in order to support the refurbishment of apartment blocks and public building stocks, as well as to develop the region’s renewable energy potential. A special advisory service will help SME manage their resource use more efficiently. 

Luc Bas, Director of European Programs, The Climate Group, comments on the new Strategy: 'The action plan illustrates how sub-national governments can impact their region’s energy performance, to the benefit of both the climate and its economic resilience. We are delighted to see our member region Île-de-France continue its dedicated path, and are looking forward to further work together, exchanging and promoting these inspiring high-impact interventions occuring in many regions today.'
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