Upper Austria confirms full membership of The Climate Group at key Environment Congress

Clare Saxon Ghauri
7 June 2012

BRUSSELS: The region of Upper Austria today publicly announced its accession to The Climate Group in a press conference in the context of the Upper Austrian Environment Congress.

The region has been involved with the States and Regions Alliance since its founding in 2005, and became a member of The Climate Group in Cancun in December 2010. Today at the Environment Congress the support from the whole Government was confirmed.

The congress, a two-day stakeholder debate on the development of the Upper Austria’s Environmental Program 2030, provided the opportunity to present its engagement with The Climate group to a broad range of leaders in its constituency. 

Upper Austria is already a model region for sustainable energy, currently covering 36 % of its energy consumption, 48% of its heat consumption and 80% of its electricity consumption with renewable energy. The state aims to do even more, aiming to cover 100% of its heading and electricity needs with renewable energy sources by 2030.

Participating in the States and Regions Alliance is part of Upper Austria's efforts to learn from others and share its experience globally. Energy Minister Rudi Anschober said: “Within this network we collaborate with more than 60 other regional governments worldwide, exchanging best practices and advising each other on energy, climate and economic questions for the present and the future. It is my goal to deepen and enhance this cooperation.” He further explained: “As a front-runner region we are putting our words into action, aiming to create a new dynamic for climate action and to prove that this is an huge opportunity”. 

Luc Bas, Director of European Programs and International States and Regions, The Climate Group, said: "Upper Austria’s energy and climate policy is genuinely focused on reaping the benefits the Clean Revolution has to offer. The leadership shown by decision makers in Linz is an inspiration to many regions in the world and The Climate Group is proudly welcoming Upper Austria to its Alliance where it can share this message more effectively.” 

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