California and Texas are best states for smart grids

5 August 2013

NEW YORK: A new ranking analysis reveals the leading American states for smart grid technologies, with California and Texas tied for the top position.

The pioneering Grid Modernization Index (GMI) by the GridWise® Alliance and the Smart Grid Policy Center, evaluates states based on their progress in modernizing their electric systems with smart grid systems. The GMI evaluates progress through efforts in the areas of policy, customer engagement and grid operations.

After California and Texas in joint first place, the other top 10 states are Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania, Arizona, the District of Columbia, Ohio, Nevada and Illinois.

Becky Harrison, CEO of the GridWise Alliance, said: “The US economy is dependent on a secure, reliable and resilient electric grid. Modernizing America’s electric grid is vital to ensuring that our electric system will be able to meet the demands of our digital society. If the US is to achieve a modernized grid, the states will play a major role regarding how, and at what pace, this transition will occur. This makes the information and analysis contained in the GMI of particular interest.”

As states modernize their electric infrastructure, American businesses will compete to dominate the growing smart grid market. Earlier this year, the world’s top 150 smart grid vendors and technologies were revealed in a report by GTM Research.

Evan Juska, Head of US Policy, The Climate Group, said: "The transition to a smarter grid is critical for increasing energy efficiency and enabling more widespread adoption of clean energy. Federal and state policies have a key role to play in enabling this transition. And, as this report shows, states with supportive policies also enjoy relatively high levels of investment in grid modernization."

Read the report:

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