California Governor commits to collaborate on clean energy with China's largest province

16 April 2013

NEW YORK: The US state of California and Chinese province of Guangdong have signed an accord that aims to help both regions reach their low carbon development goals, one of many positive results from Governor Jerry Brown’s visit to China this week. 

The agreement states that local officials from California and Guangdong will coordinate efforts to cut pollution and spur low carbon growth.

Home to over 109 million people, Guangdong is China’s most populous province and the country’s manufacturing hub. It is also one of China’s leading regions for climate change mitigation efforts, including a carbon-trading market pilot which is a country-first experience shared with California.

Committed to collaboration

The signing between California EPA Secretary Matt Rodriquez and his counterpart Li Chunhong, Director General of the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission, was overseen by US Governor Jerry Brown.

Governor Brown also signed an agreement with Guangdong Governor Zhu Xiaodan to formalize cooperation on trade and investment, science and technology and environmental conservation between the regions.

Speaking at a forum hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce – South China where the two agreements were announced, Governor Brown said: “I want to see Guangdong and California work on our joint problems, and our joint problems are cleaner energy and greater social harmony among our people.”

Low carbon ambition

Environmental goals were a key focus of Jerry Brown’s trip to China this week. During his visit, he discussed clean energy with China’s Premier Li Keqiang and signed a landmark agreement between China’s Ministry of Commerce and six provinces to develop trade, especially in new energy sectors.

The Governor also visited California’s Chinese sister-state, Jiangsu, where he signed an agreement to partner on climate change and technology.

Amy Davidsen, US Executive Director, The Climate Group: “It is exciting to see Governor Brown step out on the international stage to encourage cooperation with China on air pollution and climate change solutions. Forging greater ties will open up more economic opportunity for California and China both in the urgent race for clean energy.”

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Photo credit: Nova Wang

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