California's solar energy reaches record high

12 March 2014

NEW YORK: On Saturday March 8, power produced from solar energy reached a phenomenal 4,093 megawatts (MW) resulting in a new Californian record according to the California Independent System Operator (ISO).

The ISO says California's unprecedented level of solar energy is capable of powering three million homes instantly.

Prior to Saturday’s record-setting achievement, the state's highest output was 3,926 MW which was set just the previous day, the electricity monitoring body reports.

Electricity generated from solar in California has more than doubled since June 2012, when the ISO recorded 2,071 MW of peak production. 

Steve Berberich, ISO President and Chief Executive Officer, commenting on the new solar power record, remarked: “This shows that California is making remarkable progress in not only getting new resources approved and connected to the grid, but making meaningful contributions in keeping the lights on as well. The milestones illustrate that we are well into a new era when clean, renewable energy is shouldering its share of our electricity needs — and that is exciting.”

California is the number one state for solar energy, and last year installed more solar panels than the whole of the US did in 2011.

Another report from GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association revealed that actually over half of all America's solar installations took place in the west coast state. 

Sustainable energy is clearly a strong priority for the sunny state, and currently California has one of the highest levels of incentives for renewable energy, according to the Clean Jobs Index. At present California's wind, solar and geothermal energy amounts to 15,000 MW of the state's power generation mix. 

Libby Ferguson, States and Regions Director, The Climate Group, said: "California’s leadership on solar energy exemplifies the massive potential that states and regions have to drive clean growth. The new record shows how states, as individual actors, can be extremely effective in implementing successful energy transitions. The Climate Group, through its States and Regions Alliance, is committed to supporting state and regional governments to achieve their full potential as important drivers of the clean revolution."


Image Attribution: Lykaestria at the English language Wikipedia

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By Alana Ryan

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