China announces climate change law will be ready in next two years

Clare Saxon Ghauri
26 April 2013

BEIJING: A Chinese Minister has announced that China’s legislation on climate change will be forthcoming within the next two years, at a GLOBE event in Beijing. 

Minister Xie Zhenhua, Vice Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in China, made the announcement that federal government will actively drive completion of the law in the next two years, at the launch of the Chinese edition of the 3rd Globe Climate Legislation study on April 18.

In his keynote speech, the Minister said China will work with regional carbon markets to draft the new law. During the speech he shared China’s actions on addressing climate change and highlighted the importance of recognizing national legislation to support the international process.

Among government and thought-leaders, joining the Minister on stage was GLOBE President and Chairman of the UK Statutory Climate Change Committee, Rt Hon, John Gummer, Lord Deben. He said: "No one can say China is not doing anything on climate change. You just have to look at the GLOBE Study to see the depth and breadth of the measures being implemented. It is clear that China is strongly committed to taking national action and the international community should welcome and recognize this."

After the Study launch, the delegation discussed GLOBE's work with China on developing national climate laws and carbon market legislation. It was agreed that work on exploring how China and Europe can develop common low carbon standards in key industrial sectors will also be developed with the NDRC Ministry, over the next few months.

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group said: "Having a Chinese climate law is becoming urgent to lay the legislative foundation for the country's efforts in combating climate change. The timing for passing such a law fits perfectly with China's recent political ambition for an 'ecological civilization'.

"But in order to have its due impact, the law must act like a chief architect to lay a solid foundation to guide and regulate China's growth with some clearly defined priorities and targets. And we must also be aware of how challenging it could be, since such a law with such a mission has to be very well designed."

Read the Chinese edition of the 3rd Globe Climate Legislation study

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By Clare Saxon

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