Chinese Premier says governments should set an example by using electric vehicles

28 January 2014

BEIJING: The Premier of China Li Keqiang has said that the government should set an example by adopting new and electric vehicles (EVs), in order to help improve pollution levels in China's major cities.

Premier Li Keqiang publicly backed the use of EVs in a statement posted on the central government’s website, during his visit to low carbon electronics and auto company BYD. His statement said: “New energy vehicles, especially buses, can help to improve urban pollution and noise problems in cities; everyone should use it. The government should play an exemplary role. In the face of growing environmental pollution, we have to face these problems.”

The government has been increasing support for EVs since September last year, when China announced subsidies for new energy vehicles in a bid to reduce energy consumption and control excessive air pollution in major cities over the next three years. Proposed activities include:

  • introducing 10,000 new energy vehicles in central city regions and 5,000 in other cities from 2013-15
  • ensuring that 30% of new or replaced public transport is made up of new energy vehicles
  • publishing detailed measurements on procured new energy vehicles, public transport and infrastructure improvements (such as EV charging)
  • evaluating participating cities every year and discarding those that do not qualify.

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group, commented on the subsidies: "Electrification of transportation to improve efficiency and energy security and reduce emissions is a strategic choice by Chinese government. In the current context, when many Chinese cities are covered in smog and the number of vehicles continues to shoot up, these new policy incentives are expected to speed up the scale up of electric vehicles (EVs) in large urban areas, as well as some priority regions where addressing air pollution is more imperative than ever. This is also an important part of China’s clean revolution and third industrial revolution.

"However, the EV industrial sector in China continues to face some technological barriers to overcome before scale up. For example, building up the new infrastructure to accommodate EV charging remains at the piloting stages. To address those barriers, sharing and learning from other countries’ experiences becomes critical. China must more actively reach out to other countries for collaboration - the opportunity can not be missed."

Read the statement

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Image by Gov.CN

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