Germany is leading a clean technology market which is on track to double by 2025

11 September 2012

BRUSSELS: New research commissioned by the German Government shows that the global clean technology market is generating millions of jobs, and is on track to more than double by 2025—with Germany leading the way.

The report shows that since 2007, the worldwide market for clean technology has increased an average of 11.8% a year, with a total worth of more than €2 trillion.

The findings come from the consultancy firm Roland Berger’s newly released report, GreenTech Atlas 3.0, which was commissioned for Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment.

"The economic and financial crisis has not stopped the worldwide expansion of the green tech industry," says the study’s author, Torsten Henzelmann, Head of the Civil Economics, Energy & Infrastructure Competence Center, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. "On the contrary, the worldwide market volume has now overshot the €2 trillion mark, thus exceeding our forecasts from the second edition of the GreenTech Atlas in 2009." Henzelmann also expects further growth. He adds: "Things will be a bit slower than in previous years, but by 2025 we expect the worldwide market to double in value to €4.4 trillion."

Despite fierce international competition, Germany is revealed to be the country with the dominant 15% share of the booming clean tech market, as well as its projected growth. The report predicts that Germany’s clean tech market volume will more than double from €300 billion to €674 billion by 2025.

German clean technology companies already generate 11% of the country’s GDP and employ 1.4 million workers.

Beyond the industry, GreenTech Atlas 3.0 suggests that Germany’s clean technology market is growing so rapidly that it is stimulating growth in more traditional sectors too.

Ralph Büchele, Principal at Roland Berger and co-author of the GreenTech Atlas 3.0 said: "The traditional economic sectors are an integral part in the "greening" process. More and more companies are finding that using green tech is a way to stand out from among their international competitors. Better efficiency regarding energy and (raw) materials is increasingly becoming a strategic advantage in international competition – that goes for all sectors of the economy in general."

Luc Bas, Director of European Programs and International States and Regions, The Climate Group added: ”It is clear that Germany has a clear vision and guarantees investment security. As an early mover, Germany is reaping the fruits from its clean revolution leadership, yet it continues to invest in long-term low carbon development. But it's not just the national Government, but states like North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden Wuerttemberg and Bavariaall members of The Climate Groupwho are leading the way.”

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