Chinese businesses and governments explore financing, infrastructure solutions for Guiyang

9 August 2012

BEIJING: The Climate Group and Guiyang city council jointly organized a forum which explored sustainable solutions and financing models to develop the city of Guiyang's infrastructure.

The forum, which was held at the Guiyang Ecological Civilization Meeting, was entitled 'Sustainable infrastructure: Technology and financing' and was focused on promoting urban, low carbon development. Among the attendees were Liu Wen Xing, Vice Mayor of Guiyang, and Laurent Javaudin, a delegate of the European Commission to China.

Building green infrastructure and coordinating it with urban development is vital for a city’s sustainable development. It provides strategic support to a city’s overall growth, ensures prudent use of environmental resources, and ultimately exerts a positive impact on the economy, society, and its people,” said Vice Mayor, Liu Wen Xing. He continued: “The ideas discussed at this forum will help promote Guiyang as a green city, address the problem of scarce environmental resources, as well as identify solutions that promote sustainable development and economic growth.”

Currently, climate change and sustainability issues are key to Guiyang's planned development and growth. Priorities for the council include developing the city’s energy resources, transportation and communication networks, and water and sanitation infrastructure.

The forum explored innovative financing solutions for building this infrastructure in a sustainable way, and how stakeholder cooperation can be strengthened. Hosted by Yang Yu, panellists from the public and private sector included: Liang Han Feng, CEO [Great China] of Philips Lighting DivisionHou Feng, Vice President, Beijing Water Enterprises Group LimitedHan Xian Fu, Vice President, China Concrete and Cement Products AssociationShi Wei Guo, Vice Chairman, Midway City Investment Co. Limited and Kun Peng, Senior Manager, Industrial Bank of China.

Also present at the meeting were Zhang Yu from the Asian Centre for Urban Development, and Sun Yi Ting, Sustainable Banking and Financing Projects Manager of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. Both shared their experiences and plans around developing and maintaining sustainable infrastructure for the future. Other representatives included senior management from Guizhou province who are responsible for housing and development, urban management, planning and construction.

A joint agreement between Guiyang city council and Philips (China) Investment Pte Ltd was also signed at the meeting. Both parties agreed to work together to achieve solutions for energy conservation, as well as cooperate on China’s energy-saving plans, such as investing in the LED industry.

Addressing the forum, Winnie Lu, Deputy Director for Programs and Projects of Greater China, The Climate Group, said that developing sustainable infrastructure would require the cooperation of all players. She said that at the city council level, it means initiating comprehensive planning and policy frameworks that support financing and new technological solutions. She added: “As financial and technology institutions come together to explore innovative solutions, The Climate Group will be committed to help cities achieve this high level of sustainable development.”

Translated from Chinese by Zhuomin Lee.

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