Luc Bas, Director European Programs and International States and Regions to become Director of Brussels IUCN

3 April 2013

BRUSSELS: Luc Bas, Director European Programs and International States and Regions will be leaving The Climate Group to take up the senior position of Director of Brussels office of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

The IUCN is the world’s largest federation of governments, businesses and NGOs working to strengthen the protection of biodiversity, key species and vital natural habitats and promote nature-based solutions for the enormous sustainability challenges of climate change, food security and poverty reduction. The IUCN Brussels Office is an out-posted Headquarters unit providing global services to the organization, in particular linkages to key European Union (EU) institutions and other public and private actors with regional headquarters in Brussels. The principal focus of the IUCN Office in Brussels is policy influencing and fundraising at the EU level. Luc Bas will also be a member of IUCN’s Senior Management Advisory Team (SMAT).

Luc Bas joined The Climate Group five years ago and first led the European activity in Brussels and the States and Regions Alliance in Europe. Two years ago he became the Alliance International Director. Luc Bas expanded the network to close to 60 members and affiliates, bringing in key economic regions such as Sao Paolo, Baden-Württemberg and Gujarat, Kwa-Zulu Natal and strengthened members’ commitments through last year’s Rio Statement. He also organized the working groups that are now delivering progress in areas ranging from Electric Vehicles to Energy Efficiency Financing and Green Economy. As a result, our States and Regions Alliance is now widely recognized as an important and influential player on the global stage. Luc Bas also played a major role in informing our policy work and overall strategy in Europe and in recruiting and supporting our corporate members in the region.

Luc Bas brings to IUCN a wealth of experience from working for years with EU and UN institutions and high-level decision makers on sustainable development. His vast network, beyond nature-protection actors, including the wider business community, will be instrumental in achieving many of the goals of the IUCN Global Program 2013-2016 which focuses, among other things, on mainstreaming conservation in other sectors and policy fields.

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