Majority 35% of top business and policy leaders agree putting a price on carbon should be global priority

Clare Saxon Ghauri
30 April 2014

LONDON: The world’s leading government and business leaders agree putting a price on carbon should be a global policy priority.

This week top multinational businesses and politicians from around the world including Rt Hon Ed Davey MP and Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP joined speakers from China, India and Australia at The Climate Group's anniversary event in London.

During the event, we hosted a live poll for the gathered and online audience to take part in, asking which ONE thing would best accelerate the transition to a prosperous, low carbon economy.

The results were clear: 14% of the high-level audience from businesses, non-profits and governments around the world, agreed investors should divest from fossil fuel and climate-denier companies; 23% agreed fossil fuel subsidies should be eliminated in all major economies; and a majority 35% agreed all major governments should implement a meaningful price on carbon.

Damian Ryan, Senior Policy Manager, The Climate Group, commented on the results: “The key message behind these poll results is the need to fundamentally reorient global investment – away from high carbon activities to low carbon opportunities. Placing a price on carbon and removing fossil fuel subsidies provides an essential signal to investors and businesses to do this. These market and regulatory changes will help drive divestment decisions. In addition, the growing awareness within the financial and investment communities around concepts such as carbon risk and stranded assets, as well as the realization that climate impacts are increasingly real, are also likely to underpin divestment in high carbon assets. This shift investment is long overdue and sorely needed.”

You can tweet the results by clicking the image below.

infographic poll

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