Massachusetts clean economy grew 24% in two years, reaching 80,000 jobs

2 October 2013

NEW YORK: Massachusetts’ clean energy economy has grown for the third year in a row, according to a new industry report, which shows that almost 80,000 jobs now exist in the sector.

The 2013 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report by Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), measures the growth of clean energy sector employment and businesses across Massachusetts, and reveals that clean energy jobs surged 11.8% between 2012 and 2013, following a rise of 11.2% and 6.7% in the subsequent two years.

At an event in Massachusetts where the report was released, Governor Patrick stated: “Our clean energy industry is putting thousands of our residents to work in every corner of the Commonwealth, catalyzing economic development and creating a healthier Massachusetts for the next generation.”

There are now 79,994 Massachusetts clean energy workers and 5,557 clean energy firms operating in Massachusetts. Most jobs are focused on renewable energy, carbon management, low carbon transportation and related technologies, with about 30,000 employees working specifically with green energy.

A large portion of the growth came from early-stage clean energy innovation firms entering the market, as engineering and research jobs rose 32.4%. Manufacturing and assembly jobs also grew by 20.6%.

Energy efficiency was the top clean energy employer in the state, with a total of 46,613 jobs across 3,002 firms and boasting a 15.9% growth rate, which supports the fact Massachusetts is often the top US state in national energy efficiency rankings

The report states that bold clean energy economic development policies enabled the jobs growth and energy efficiency leadership, specifically Governor Deval Patrick’s Green Communities Act in 2008. This policy sets the most aggressive targets for energy efficiency in America with its Energy Efficiency Resource Standard, which requires utilities to raise efficiency levels every year.

The report also surveys employers to analyze the business climate, and found a high-level of business confidence. This mood will boost further growth, as MassCEC predicts Massachusetts will see the clean energy job market grow another 11.1% in 2014.

Separate research carried out by Philips and Ecofys and launched at Climate Week NYC last week, found that greater investment in energy efficiency in America could create 750,000 new jobs by 2020, and up to 1.5 million jobs by 2030.

Read the state's 2013 Clean Energy Industry report

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