Micro Carbon Operation 2013 wraps up in Hong Kong

21 October 2013

HONG KONG: The Climate Group concluded its year-long Micro Carbon Operation on October 19, 2013. The campaign helped promote and develop a low carbon community in Hong Kong through educational and interactive events.

The campaign is sponsored by the Hong Kong International Airport Environmental Fund and supported by the Environmental Bureau of the HKSAR Government, Hong Kong Observatory, plus close to 60 environmental and civic groups.

Since its launch in January 2013, Micro Carbon Operation has successfully motivated the public to adopt a low carbon lifestyle via workshops, seminars, social media and a website, with the ultimate goal of achieving a more sustainable future in Hong Kong.

“Combating climate change requires more than international collaboration and local determination. Micro Carbon Operation has gained positive responses from all the participants. The whole is always bigger than the sum of its parts. The contribution from all the individuals will turn out to be a powerful force in combating climate change,” said Kalmond Ma, Deputy Director, Strategic Partnership, Greater China, The Climate Group.

Climate experts

Wong Kam-sing JP, Secretary of the Environment; and Wilson Fung, Executive Director, Corporate Development, Airport Authority Hong Kong officiated the Closing Ceremony in Hong Kong.

“The global average temperature has been rising due to increased carbon emissions, and has triggered a series of climate change issues. We must take actions to reduce energy and resources consumption, thus our carbon footprints. The participants of Micro Carbon Operation have successfully contributed to carbon footprint reduction through various experiential activities. I hope we can continue to promote and deepen the low carbon living culture, and to bring everyone into the ‘micro carbon’ living circle”, said Wong Kam-sing.

“Climate change is an issue that must be tackled by the whole community. We are delighted to have supported Micro Carbon Operation, which is helping to shape Hong Kong into a low carbon society through engaging the local citizens through a range of creative and interactive approaches”, said Wilson Fung.

Public winners

Four final winners of the Micro Carbon Photo-Blogging Contest, selected by the judging panel led by Stanley Wong, a renowned local photographer, were announced at the event. Jabra, being the Sole Grand Prize Sponsor of the competition, gave out some of their best-selling headsets to the photo-bloggers.

As the establishment of a low carbon culture in Hong Kong is only at its infant stage, Micro Carbon Operation chose the Green Parenting Seminar as its 2013 finale event, in order to pave the way for the cross-generation mission of combating climate change.

During the seminar, Michelle Wong, Founder of Newborn Nanny Service Centre; Millie Wong, Chairlady of the Hong Kong Breastfeeding Mothers’ Association; Athlon Chan, Chief Operating Officer of simpleTouch; and CS Yip, Principal of RTC GAIAS School, shared their views on nourishing our next generations and continuing the micro carbon spirit in Hong Kong and beyond.

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