Nova Scotia first in North America to convert all road lights to LED lighting

17 September 2012

NEW YORK: The Canadian province of Nova Scotia has passed a law which requires all road lights to be converted to LED lighting, a move that is estimated to save the province US$5 million a year.

The new law will make Nova Scotia the first jurisdiction in North America to mandate the energy efficient LED (light emitting diode) lighting on such a large scale.

Under the province’s revised Energy-Efficient Appliances Regulation, all 120,000 of the province’s highway lights must become LED by 2019.

Energy cost savings

It is estimated that the conversion will save the province US$5 million a year in energy costs, with additional savings in maintenance costs.

The plan to mandate LED street lighting was first proposed by Premier Darrel Dexter 18 months ago.

Charlie Parker, Energy Minister, Government of Nova Scotia stated: "With LED road lighting, Nova Scotia will save millions of dollars by using about half the energy of current lighting, and improve our air quality while reducing our carbon footprint." He added: "Many of our municipalities have already switched over to LED roadway lights and are reporting operational savings. The province is also making low-cost financing available so more municipalities can take advantage of these savings sooner."

Most of Nova Scotia’s street lights are owned and operated by Nova Scotia Power. The utilities company is now proposing a new rate plan for street light customers that will stop yearly rates increasing for seven years. Reductions will also be offered for Nova Scotia Power-owned lights. 

Sub-national leadership

Luc Bas, Director of International States and Regions, The Climate Group, comments on Nova Scotia's North American leadership: "The Climate Group's member and affiliate sub-national governments lead on many aspects of the Clean Revolution. Such a clear and long term commitment on LED lighting deployment by Nova Scotia, highlights how this level of leadership can have such a big impact. State and regional governments play a crucial role in catalyzing sustainable development and we must encourage bold action like this across North America and the rest of the world."

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