Obama to press for US energy blueprint

15 March 2013

NEW YORK: Today President Obama will reveal a new energy plan that will help double clean energy capacity in the US by 2020.

The strategy, which White House officials call a ‘blueprint for a clean end secure energy future’, aims to boost energy efficiency and investment in clean energy for America.

To be announced at a clean tech laboratory in Illinois later today, the blueprint lays out targets including doubling clean energy capacity by 2020 and a call for Congress to make tax breaks for clean energy projects permanent.

Obama will also call on Congress to approve a US$2 billion Energy Security Trust to invest in clean technology and advanced vehicle research. The Trust would use royalties that the government gets from fossil fuels leasing.

The President first announced support for such a proposal in his State of the Union address.


Amy Davidsen, Executive Director US, The Climate Group, commented: “Obama’s proposed blueprint announcement would suggest he is committed to driving an American clean revolution in his second term. A clean revolution means a swift, massive scale-up of clean energy and infrastructure, that will create energy security and American jobs. This is our opportunity for a better future. This is Obama's first energy speech of his second term, and if he continues such leadership, these bold policies will drive transformation, revive our economy, and make our country great again.”

A more in-depth look at the plan will be written by Evan Juska on his US policy blog.

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