Obama's Hurricane Sandy Taskforce releases plan for rebuilding America's resiliency

Clare Saxon Ghauri
20 August 2013

NEW YORK: The US Government has released a 'rebuilding strategy'--which includes 69 policy recommendations--to serve as a model to strengthen American communities at risk from extreme weather.

President Obama’s Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, which is chaired by the Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan, has released the plan to help restore Sandy-affected communities and prepare regions at risk of damage from extreme weather events in the future.

The strategy includes 69 policy recommendations which aim to strengthen homes, businesses and local economies, through better preparation and recovery measures against severe storms.

Central goals of the strategy are:

  • Align federal funding with local rebuilding visions
  • Cut red tape and assist families, businesses and communities effectively
  • Co-ordinate all levels of government
  • Rebuild regions to become more resilient

Many of the policies developed by the Task Force were incorporated into President Obama’s Climate Action Plan.

President Obama said in a statement: “I want to thank Secretary Donovan, the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, and the thousands of federal response and recovery personnel who have helped the region recover. We have cut red tape, piloted cutting edge programs and strengthened our partnership with state and local officials. While a great amount of work remains, we will stand with the region for as long as it takes to recover."

Secretary Donovan commented: “President Obama was clear that his Administration is committed to staying in the Sandy-impacted region until the work was done, and today marks a crucial step in that journey. This Rebuilding Strategy will protect families, small businesses and communities across the region, and the taxpayers’ investment in them, from the risks posed by sea level rise and more extreme weather events – risks that are made worse by the reality of a changing climate.”

On the theme of rebuilding communities to become more resilient to the pressures of increasingly extreme weather, we are hosting a live Twitter Q&A today at 2pm GMT/BST (3pm CET/9am EST). Join our guests, David Bresch, Head Sustainability and Political Risk Management, and Andreas Spiegel, Senior Climate Change Adviser, both of Swiss Re, to discuss resiliency in cities by using the hashtag #CWNYC.

Read the Task Force strategy

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By Clare Saxon

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