President Obama inauguration speech: America must lead sustainable energy transition to maintain 'economic vitality'

Clare Saxon Ghauri
22 January 2013

WASHINGTON, DC: On January 21, Barack Obama was inaugurated for his second term as the 44th President of the United States of America.

Addressing a crowd of hundreds of thousands that had gathered in Washington to watch the ceremony, as well as millions watching broadcasts across the globe, the President addressed the issue of climate change in his inauguration speech.

He said: “We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. Some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires, and crippling drought, and more powerful storms. The path towards sustainable energy sources will be long and sometimes difficult. But American cannot resist this transition. We must lead it.

We cannot cede to other nations the technology that will power new jobs and new industries. We must claim its promise. That’s how we will maintain our economic vitality and our national treasure, our forests and waterways, our crop lands and snow capped peaks. That is how we will preserve our planet, commanded to our care by God. That’s what will lend meaning to the creed our fathers once declared.”

Amy Davidsen, US Executive Director, The Climate Group, comments on the speech:

“It was encouraging to hear President Obama address the issue of climate change and the over-whelming scientific evidence in such unequivocal terms. Climate change has been put back onto the US public agenda and we must now keep it there.

“The rapidly expanding global clean tech market could be worth $2 trillion by the end of the decade, so it is critical that the US seizes the opportunity to create these new jobs and industries."

“We need American policymakers, businesses and public figures to build upon this momentum and accelerate the American Clean Revolution for a secure and prosperous future.”

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