Scotland proposes switch to 100% LED lighting

Clare Saxon Ghauri
14 May 2013

LONDON: All of Scotland’s street lighting could be switched to low carbon light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as part of the Scottish Government’s bold emissions reductions plans.

The government’s LED upgrade plan is to be considered for funding by the UK’s Green Investment Bank (GIB), as one of £500 million worth of low carbon nationwide proposals that are being reviewed by the Bank.

Speaking at a Green Investment Bank conference in Edinburgh, Richard Lochhead, Rural Affairs and Environment Secretary, said: “By working closely with the GIB, converting Scotland’s street lighting to LED is a program the Scottish Government has identified which would be ideal for potential GIB funding. Payback time is estimated at around seven to nine years, which is an outstanding spend to save case based on energy savings of as much as 40-60%. It is an excellent example of how investing in low carbon projects can have long term savings as well as helping to protect the environment.

Lighting currently accounts for 19% of the world’s electricity consumption, but pilot studies that The Climate Group has carried out with city governments around the world show that it is possible for cities to benefit from 50-70% energy savings by replacing their outdoor lighting with LEDs.

Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group, said: “Last year we called on cities and regional governments to switch their street lighting to LEDs by 2020. Scotland has taken up this challenge and is fast becoming a prime region for low carbon investment from businesses around the world – bold moves like its ambitious emission reduction targets and this innovative LED lighting roll-out is a green light for investors. As our city pilots have shown, LED street lighting’s energy savings can yield huge reductions in a city’s operational costs. Scotland has long demonstrated its climate leadership and The Climate Group is proud to work with its Government as part of our States and Regions Alliance.”

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