The top ten US states for clean energy jobs

Clare Saxon Ghauri
24 August 2012

NEW YORK CITY: New research touting the surge in clean energy projects in the United States, reveals the top ten states for related clean energy jobs.

The research from Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) shows that almost 40,000 jobs could be created thanks to over 70 major new clean energy projects.

All 70 projects were announced across 30 US states in the second financial quarter of the year.

One third of the projects are based in the Midwest states, with the leading clean energy sectors occupied by public transport, electric vehicle production and power generation.

In the Clean Energy Jobs Roundup report, E2 listed the top ten US states for newly announced clean energy projects – and the subsequent potential jobs – as the following:

1. California (16 projects, 20,879 potential jobs)
2. Florida (3 projects, 7,375 potential jobs)
3. New York (3 projects, 1,408 potential jobs)
4. Michigan (9 projects, 1,319 potential jobs)
5. Colorado (2 projects, 1,100 potential jobs)
6. Ohio (4 projects, 712 potential jobs)
7. New Jersey (2 projects, 600 potential jobs)
8. Illinois (4 projects, 542 potential jobs)
9. Nebraska (1 project, 500 potential jobs)
10. Mississippi (1 project, 426 potential jobs)

Amy Davidsen, Executive Director US, The Climate Group commented: “This report is yet more evidence of the huge opportunity that the clean energy industry can offer to generate the much-needed jobs for Americans. As the figures for those top ten states show, this clean energy revolution will help secure a smarter, better, more prosperous future for America.”

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